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Medications and Products

Most of the medication your pet might be on is provided by Cornerstone Animal Hospital. If you need a refill, simply call us to let us know your pet's name and what medication you need. Please let us know the earliest you would like to pick up your pets medication because some medications take a 24 hour notice.

Cornerstone Animal Hospital carries Frontline, Revolution, Sentinel Spectrum, Heartgard and Nexgard, and you may purchase anywhere from a one-month supply to a whole box. Check with us to learn of any specials, usually free doses or rebates, which the manufacturers are offering. Many of these products require a prescription, so your pet will need to have been seen by one of our veterinarians within the past year to obtain a refill. 

Cornerstone Animal Hospital carries an extensive variety of pet food and other products. We provide Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina dog and cat food as well as an assortment of treats. We carry C.E.T. dental care products and several shampoos and grooming aids. In addition we have nutritional supplements available.