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Our first beneficiary of the Good Samaritan account was brought to the clinic in mid-October, 2011.

Tim Gleydura and Gloye Gloudeman didn't know one another, but both helped rescue a kitten on 21st Street underneath the K-96 overpass. They each pulled over when they saw the kitten in the road, and when the kitty came to the side of the road Tim grabbed her and put her in a sack.

Because she was brought to us in a Chipotle sack, we named her "Chipotle." She was about 5 weeks old when Tim brought her to us.
The kitten's left front leg was damaged when she came to us, and it became evident to Dr. Fry that the best thing for Chipotle would be for us to amputate that leg. Thanks to the generosity of around 38 Good Samaritan donors, a good portion of Chipotle's surgery was covered by the Good Samaritan Fund.

Chipotle recovered well from her surgery, and since she's so young she is adapting very well to life on three legs.
We were thrilled when Chipotle had recovered to the point that she was able, on November 5, to go home with her new adoptive family.