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Good Samaritan Fund

We occasionally have injured or ill cats and dogs brought to us by compassionate people who cannot keep the animal. Our goal is to treat the animals back to health so that they can be adopted. This treatment can be expensive, however, and we are looking for a few Good Samaritans who would financially support this animal during its recovery.

We have established a Good Samaritan Fund here at Cornerstone. One hundred percent of the funds contributed to this fund will go towards treatment of these animals. To donate, you may mail us a check - noting "Good Samaritan Fund" in the memo - or we can charge any amount you specify to your credit card. Our Good Samaritans will be updated periodically on the progress of these animals and notified when they are adopted.

Click on the sub-pages of this section to see the stories of animals who have been helped by the Good Samaritan Fund.

Please consider donating to this fund if you feel so led. On behalf of the sick and injured strays you will be helping, we thank you!